Company IT Cryptoder Group for the use of the website
Company IT Cryptoder Group with its office in Valencia and business address Avinguda de les Corts Valencianes 41, 46015 Valencia, Spain registered in the commercial register of the under number B98971625 (hereinafter referred to as “Cryptoder”) offers the (“customers”) via (“website”) services related to buying and selling digital currencies.
The following privacy policy applies to all customers of Cryptoder:

1. General

1.1 The person responsible for the data handling on the website is the IT Cryptoder Group, Avinguda de les Corts Valencianes 41, 46015 Valencia, Spain.

1.2 Service Cryptoder is aware that the protection and careful handling of the customers personal data are very important. This privacy policy provides information about the way, the expand and the purpose of the collection and usage of customer data through Cryptoder.

1.3 Cryptoder will solely use the statements, information and data given by the customer under consideration of the Spanish and European legal requirements, this privacy policy and the consent of the customer.

1.4 The customer has the right to edit, replace and/or change his given data. The customer is obliged to keep his data correct and up to date.

2. Collection of data and the purpose of the use of data

2.1 When using the services of Cryptoder the following personal data is processed:

- creating a new user account, contact data: name, address, telephone number, email, birthdate, depending on the level of verification, is processed.

- during activities on the website, log data: such as IP-address, transaction data, deposit and withdrawal address is processed.

- purchase and sale transactions financial data: bank details and payment service provider information is processed.

- when an account is to be verified, further verification data: such as master data, screenshots of national identity documents and identification data from these documents is processed.

- in case of a requests to our support team, given data to the support team might also be processed.

2.2 The personal data listed under point 2.1 is used for the purpose of the contract processing, verification of the user’s identity, fraud prevention, risk management, marketing, direct advertisement, payment processing and chargebacks, proof of purchase and selling, comparison during the course of business and the creation of usage profiles.

2.3 Cryptoder erases the whole user data in principal upon completion of the contract, at the latest on expiry of the legal obligation to hold data, in particular in accordance with the commercial and tax accounting principles.

2.4 Persons under the age of eighteen years are not permitted to use the website nor register to it. The customer confirms to be at least eighteen years old.

3. The use of cookies and social plugins

3.1 During the use of the website, information might be collected through automatic data collection methods, such as cookies and alike mechanisms. Among other data, this also includes browser specific data and data which represents the usage behaviour on the website. This data is collected by Cryptoder for the purpose of analytics and improvement.

3.2 The customer agrees to the use of cookies. This agreement is subject to revocation at any time, by removing and deleting the cookies form the terminal device and browser; this however may compromise the functionality of the website.

4. Disclosure, right of revocation and questions

4.1 The customer has the right of his data to be corrected, deleted or a reduction of the data to be processed. Furthermore, the customer has the right to refuse the procession of his data as well as data portability.

4.2 The customer has the right to file a complaint to the Spanish data protection authority, when his rights of data protection have been violated.

5. Declaration of consent

By checking the box as a part of the registration process, the user confirms to have read the privacy policy in particular the declaration of consent under point 5 of the privacy policy and approves to such. Cryptoder is not responsible for losses caused by outages, network volatility, wallet maintenance or market conditions.

5.1 The customer agrees, that the following personal data may be used for the purpose of contract processing, verification of his identity, fight against fraud and risk management: master and contact data (such as name, address, email, telephone number), log data (IP address, transaction data), financial data (such as bank details,credit card number and similar payment service provider information), as well as verification data (such as master data, identification documents and necessary information for the identification)

5.2 The customer agrees, that his IP address and his log files (data of the use of the website are used to create usage profiles.

5.3 The customer has the right to revoke his agreement according to point 5 of these data protection regulations at any time via mail to Avinguda de les Corts Valencianes 41, 46015 Valencia, Spain or via email to

Legal and Privacy valid since 01/01/2018